November 11, 2013

New Years PTU Tutorial (CT)

This tutorial was written by me (BrianaMarie) on November 11, 2013. Any such resemblance to ANY other tutorial is purely coincidental & not purposeful. Please do not steal, alter or rip this tag/tut in any way.

Supplies you will need...

Scrap kit by Black Widow Creationz, "New Years".
You can purchase this kit at ALL of her stores.

Tube of choice. I am using the artwork of Keith Garvey.
You MUST obtain a license from his store to use ANY of his tubes.

Fonts of choice. I am using "2Peas Crate" & "Xiorama".
You can download this font at


OK, let's get started!

Open new 700 x 700 transparent background. 
(you may crop the tag to your liking at the end).

A mask layer is optional on this tag.

Open EL33.
Re-size to 75%.

Open PP1.
Re-size 75%.
Add behind EL33.
Erase any part of PP1 outside of the EL33 layer.
Adjust opactiy to around 75%.

Open your tube of choice. Add a medium close up of the tube layer on top of all other layers.
Depending on the tube you have chosen, you may need to adjust the size.

Duplicate EL33 and bring above tube layer.
Erase any part of the EL33 duplicate layer covering the head OR upper body of your tube.
Erase any part of the tube outside of the EL33 layers.
Also erase any part of the tube you DO NOT want showing on the inside of the EL33 layers.

Add a black and white effect & a black drop shadow of -3.
Merge ALL layers, EXCEPT background layer.

Open your tube of choice (if not already open). Add a full body of the tube layer to the tag.
Depending on the tube you have chosen, you may need to adjust the size.

At this time, you may choose to leave the tube as is or add a black and white effect.
With either choice, add a black drop shadow of +3.

Open EL37.
Re-size to your liking, based on placement of your full body tube layer.
Place in the upper left-hand corner behind the tube layer.

With your font of choice, type "Happy New Year!"
Use any color(s), gradient glow &/or drop shadow of your choosing.
Place your word art on top of the EL37 layer.
Once completed, merge on the EL37 layer.

Open any elements of your choice. I am using...

Re-size each element to your liking.
Add a black drop shadow of -3 or +3 to all elements.

Merge all layers, add copyright, name and re-size if you wish. 

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